I am honored to serve my neighbors in Ward 7 on Northampton City Council and look forward to the opportunity to continue this work!

Dear Friends,

I am thrilled to announce that I am running for reelection to represent Ward 7 on the Northampton City Council! I value your support and involvement, both as a candidate and a city councilor, and I hope I can count on you again this year. I’m writing to share with you a special goal I have for this election and ask for your help.

When elected to City Council in fall of 2019, I could never have imagined what my first term would look like. A pandemic and a profound social movement forced us to re-imagine how we meet, how we govern, how we care for each other and what it means to be in a community. During this time, I have met with so many of you virtually and heard your concerns about safety, equity, COVID-19 testing and vaccine access, the climate emergency, and reinvigorating our villages of Florence and Leeds, and so much more.

Bringing in new voices is one of the reasons I ran for City Council in 2019 and it’s been a priority in all my work on the council. Here are just a few examples of how we worked together this term:

  • Listened and advocated for Ward 7 seniors through weekly Northampton Neighbors meeting.
  • Acted as a voice for residents around Meadow St., the Mill River, Spring Grove, North Farms Rd and others
  • Co-sponsored the Plastic Reduction and Sustainability Ordinance
  • Advocated for the successful Opt-Out of the State’s aerial, pesticide mosquito spraying program
  • Advocated for proper social service funding in the new Department of Community Care

Throughout this term, in every vote I have taken, every resolution I have sponsored, I have tried to be true to my goal to demystify the workings of municipal government and make it a more accessible to everyone, and to listen to and involve more people in how it works. Whether it’s trying to help resolve a conflict between residents and city government, or ensuring that all the people of Northampton can have access to public safety, I seek out and listen to all voices. As Chair of the Select Committee on Council Rules, I’ll work hard to make sure we make the most of technology to unmute more voices.

Help me reach new voters:


Right now, the campaign gives us a unique opportunity to reach and involve many new people. That’s why my goal is to reach out to registered voters who did not vote in the 2019 Ward 7 councilor race. Why am I so eager to reach these critical voters? Because if I’m going to represent all of Ward 7 and have a voice of leadership on crucial city matters, I need to hear the voices of more people in the ward. And the best way to get people to get more involved is to get them to vote.

To get those non-voters involved, I need your help. It takes money to reach people who don’t vote in local elections. We want this very crucial group to be informed, inspired, and invested enough to vote on November 2.

Please consider a donation to reach these voters. https://secure.actblue.com/donate/rachel-maiore

We need greater participation in our Ward and we can only reach them with your help. The maximum contribution allowable by law for an individual is $500 per year. I deeply appreciate your support.

With gratitude,